A wonderful opportunity to laugh at the adventures of Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina, in this series between comedy and thriller....


After a devastating earthquake transforms Seoul into hostile territory, an intrepid hunter sets out to save a teenager kidnapped by a mad doctor.


After Big Little Lies, The Undoing and Nine Perfect Strangers, Nicole Kidman continues her adventure on the small screen.

Delivery of Season 3 of SISSI to W9

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the most famous princess! A series which reinvents the traditional image of the empress, moves away from clichés to offer us a remarkable "remake" !


A foretaste of Christmas. Audi'Art Dub has just completed the VF dubbing of ELF ME, a transalpine comedy dubbed for Amazon Prime.

NEW YORK LAW & ORDER season 21

The Dick Wolf-produced cult series returns for a brand-new season.

LA BREA season 2

The adventure continues in the second season of LA BREA.

The LAUKIMAX GROUP joins forces with AUDI’ART

Following its merger with SAYA, GROUPE LAUKIMAX joins forces with AUDI'ART.

Cartoon Forum 2023

For everyone, back to school in September is the CARTOON FORUM in Toulouse! An appointment that our Sales Manager never misses!


June 3, 2017: Reality Winner comes home from work and sees two people outside her home: two FBI agents who are going to interrogate her for more than an hour, 82 minutes precisely...