Specialists in the audiovisual industry for over 20 years, Groupe Auditorium Artistique offers multilingual lip-sync dubbing and voice-over for all types of program. Through our 3 specialist units AUDI’ART DUB, AUDI’ART SOUND, AUDI’ART LAB we handle every stage of the dubbing process from quality control through to broadcast mastering.






In central Paris, in a covered courtyard, our 800m2 studios were custom built to provide an ideal, calm and airy working environment.


The LAUKIMAX GROUP joins forces with AUDI’ART

Following its merger with SAYA, GROUPE LAUKIMAX joins forces with AUDI'ART.

Cartoon Forum 2023

For everyone, back to school in September is the CARTOON FORUM in Toulouse! An appointment that our Sales Manager never misses!


June 3, 2017: Reality Winner comes home from work and sees two people outside her home: two FBI agents who are going to interrogate her for more than an hour, 82 minutes precisely...

Bastard S2

For anime fans, don't count on cooling off this summer from the heat wave with the arrival of season 2 of Bastards on Netflix! Indeed, the 15 new episodes have rock in the skin, and you will be carried away by the magic of this iconic manga! Yeah!

La belle de Jérusalem S2

A historical and family saga not to be missed Adapted from the novel written by Sarit Yishai-Levi, “The Beauty of Jerusalem” takes place over a period from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century...

2023 Annecy’s Festival

Like every year, our sales manager will represent Audi Art and its particular experience in Animation Post Production in Annecy! A long-awaited moment for all this friendly ecosystem: production director …..

White House Plumbers

White House Plumbers tells the story of how Nixon’s own political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds, Hunt and Liddy accidentally toppled the presidency they were zealously trying to protect...

The 21st season of LAW&ORDER

The 21st season of LAW&ORDER aka NEW YORK POLICE JUDICIAIRE but the 1st season for AUDI-ART which discovers the new partners...

NEW AMSTERDAM: it’s over!

After 5 seasons, Doctor Max Goodwin and the entire French dubbing team are leaving for other projects.

Launch of VALHALLA Y3

The end of the Vikings epic on Netflix is not for now. Launch of Season 3 at the start of the next school year!


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