Audi’Art starts partnership with “Paris Aide Aux Victimes”.

The voice is fundamental in our emotional attachment to the characters we followed during our childhood. Some cross the ages and the generations to feed our collective memory. Woody from Toy Story, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson… So many voices became anchor points and levers to penetrate the subconscious and the heart of people. Soon, these voices will help victims.

Mrs Carole Damiani, head of the association “Paris Aide Aux Victimes” (PAV), Sybille Ktorza Bernheim, CEO of Audi’Art, the French actor Thierry Desroses and the project creator, Christophe Bonin, started a partnership on the 8th of July 2019, to create the very first audio program meant to come to the victims’ aid.

The aim of LOGOVOX is to support those who are suffering by allowing them to reactivate noteworthy, powerful and enjoyable memories. They will be able to figth their evils with the narration of original, sweet and meaningful stories.